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  Joining conditions:

  1, have a certain financial strength and good personal reputation, business reputation, rich business experience and high comprehensive quality.

  2, good ability of brand management, identity meets jia di door industry marketing policy and the other conditions stipulated in the contract of distribute of engage by special arrangement.

  3, reasonable position, fixed operation.

  4, the legitimate operators.

  5, the entrepreneurial passion, forward-looking vision and spirit of cooperation.

  6, good after-sales service management ability, independent installation team, able to independently handle customer complaints and disputes.

  Up in July and, in the earth will have good and extensive social connections.

  8, good ability of regional management, to meet market operation position corresponding advertising strategy.

  9, must be committed to the industry, a dare to explore, the spirit of not afraid of hardship.

  10, according to the authorized legitimate use jia di door industry ownership within the scope of the brand, technology, documentation, order prints and all kinds of packing materials.

  11, strictly abide by the joining of various rules and regulations and specifications shall be subject to the supervision of the management and operation.

  Join the process:

  Both sides negotiate the details - screening qualification audit - determine the cooperation - authorization contracts - formally decided to join