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About us

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  Zhejiang city beautiful di door industry Co., LTD is located in \"China wood door-\" jiangshan city zhejiang province, beautiful scenery, the humanities ceremony. Zhejiang-jiangxi railway, yellow qu rive south across the landscape jurisdiction. Adjacent to the world of small foreign trade port, ningbo yiwu, the transportation is convenient, the trade developed. Specializing in the production of indoor wenqi door, painting the door, process relief gate, solid mu fu closes the door, etc, which is a set design, manufacturing, sales and service as one of the modern enterprise.

  The company factory sophisticated equipment, process maturity, exquisite technology, advanced management mode, product superiority, has been committed to the environmental protection of indoor door design and development, the lowest emissions from origin to the end user health of body and mind, we have been the \"environmental protection\" as our core business philosophy. In line with the systematic, standardized, professional requirements, devote oneself to to make the household adornment of the famous brand; At the same time gathered a batch of big brand company management, production, management experience excellent team, the support our factory to a higher starting point, higher standards development.

  The staff of our company in line with \"unity, practicality, learning, innovation\" the spirit of constantly improve and perfect our product system and service system, for your family creates a good, comfortable life space, with global customers win-win.