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The basic characteristic of the popular wooden door has its inherent

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  Wood is the earliest and most widely used in human history a kind of natural material of wood products.In science and technology highly developed today, although many new material emerge in endlessly, but the wood is still everywhere to play an important role, especially in architecture and furniture material, reflect.For a long period of time, the wooden doors and Windows and furniture has been occupies a dominant position.Wood why get so widespread application, because of its inherent has the following properties.


  Wood is a kind of natural material, in the human common steel, wood, cement, plastic four advocate material, only it directly from nature, which makes the wood has low production cost, small energy consumption, non-toxic, no pollution, etc.

  Simple sense is good

  Wood with easily accepted good tactile properties, is much better than the material such as metal and glass.

  Strong heavy than high

  Wood of some of the strength and weight ratio is higher than the ratio of general metal, is a kind of light weight and high strength material.

  Heat preservation

  The coefficient of thermal conductivity of wood is very small, compared with other materials, the thermal conductivity of the aluminum is it 2000 times, 30 times that of the thermal conductivity of the plastic is that it.Therefore, wood has a good heat preservation performance.

  Electrical insulation

  Some poor conductivity of lumber, is a good electrical insulating materials.


  Wood soft hard moderate degree, easy processing.


  Lumber itself has a natural beautiful decorative pattern, furniture and decorative materials, has the very good adornment sex.

  Due to some unique characteristics of the wood, although it has poor poor dimensional stability, anticorrosion and inflammable shortcomings and so on, it still get the preference of people, especially within the scope of the people's direct contact with the space, such as doors and Windows and furniture, wood products tend to become the first choice