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Buy wood door note door cover process can rest easy

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  Many consumers only pay attention to the material of door leaf and often overlooked by the door, door cover material is more important.According to unify the expert introduction of international household, 70% after-sales problems comes from the wooden door door cover, if the door holding nail force is not strong, the door leaf can easily sink, ground, switch is hard, so as to reduce the service life of wooden door.

  Door cover process generally has a full set of wooden door, knuckles solid wood door, composite door, solid wood door cover all wood and knuckles as the name it honestly are made of solid wood, composite door cover is density board laminate, wood or plastic and some, like the cheaper price, in general, the proportion of the price of the door about accounts for around half the price of complete sets of door!

  Real wood door cover, is to use solid wood veneer crisscrossed the high temperature hot pressing, after 24 degrees Celsius below zero at low temperature and high temperature of 60 degrees of cycle test, have the power that grasp a hammer, good waterproof performance advantages.Its wood fiber structure from two directions, when the screw, the screw tight, grabbing a screw, so they don't easy to sink, so as to prolong the service life of the wooden door, it is better than pure real wood nail, because real wood texture in one direction, at the time of screw will form fry chopped phenomenon, long time the doors will be sinking deformation phenomenon.

  Solid wood composite door, door cover now most factories use medium density fiberboard (MDF) as base material, or MDF.This plate is not easy to crack, good flatness, stable performance.Some customers consider the density board is not moistureproof, general normal large manufacturer can do waterproof paint on the back of hutch defends the door.There is another kind of solid wood component of the door.The door cover will add a layer of Chinese fir board, to prevent cracking, on the Chinese fir board could have a layer of MDF.Thickness is different.

  A good wooden door, if the door is not durable, will directly affect the practical effect and service life of wooden door.Therefore, when choosing wooden door, must choose good door cover, so can rest easy.