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Measurement affects the quality of wooden door installation Pay attention to the details

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  After measuring the custom wooden door it is relatively easy to install, as long as the measurement of the hole data is very accurate, installation won't have too many problems, although there is a problem whether also involves the use of convenient, but more is beautiful.

  1 the door automatic switch

  Phenomenon: some door will be automatically open or shut automatically.Under normal circumstances, if the installation is in place and wall body, when the door open, can stop in any direction, does not automatically open or shut automatically.

  Problem: 1. The vertical direction of the door without trued;2. The old houses, some wall is not standard, there will be up and down the mouth of the cave wall thickness is inconsistent, and so on and so forth.

  Solution: when installation workers can use infrared level, ensure that every line of door is vertical.

  Measurement should be careful when measuring wall thickness, and leveling in a timely manner.

  2 the door line seam with wall

  Phenomenon: the door and after feeds on a wall is not a fit, but there have been some gaps.

  Problem: this is related to wall thickness, if on either side of the mouth of the cave wall, above the thickness error is small. There will be a seam.

  Solution: you can play on the white glass glue.

  Three wooden door push-pull inconvenience

  Phenomenon: in the winter can appear the crack of the door is too large, the wet summer wood door is very difficult to open the case.

  Problem: the nature of the wood is wet bilge drying shrinkage, out of place to stay, if the crack will appear this kind of situation.

  Solution: in general, longitudinal crack, door seam take 8-12 mm, leave too much is pervious to light, impact sound insulation effect is not beautiful;Leave too little will lead to long after summer wet bilge or cause difficulty with wooden door open after the door down.Transverse crack to leave 5 mm, usually hinge side 2 mm, lock the side is 3 mm.

  The workers after the installation, the owner can check the crack of the door, the door closed, and see if the door seam is balanced, have a wide and narrow, if uneven, doorcase no trued, affect beautiful.