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Of wood of choose and buy knowledge Need to learn to "three"

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  Wooden door brand is numerous, on the surface are all the same, as an important part of the bedroom to decorate, creative wooden door, can make the room is full of personality, how to buy the wooden door with good quality?Actually seems very simple, but when the choice is to understand knowledge.

  1, see appearance: want to see color, see details, see sense.High-grade paint color is "positive", light color paint should feel fully, bright, soft, dark paint should be deep and not black, matte and not dark, hand induction is exquisite, is smooth, the overall visual effect are uniform, clean, beautiful.Remember the lock, hinge hole dark pin hole open whether agile, door leaf structure joint seams and door cover structure is meticulous, doors and door cover gap is uniform.

  2, see material pledge: in general surface with natural lumber wooden door hole, material and process is relatively better, retain the natural lumber sound insulation characteristics and reflects the material is excellent, avoid closed effect cover material defects, shoddy.Real wood door of compactness by hand can also have a preliminary judgment, generally the real wood door deformation coefficient of component weight.

  3, see accessories: besides itself, the making craft of hardware quality also affect the service life of wooden door.Hinge is connected to the wooden door and door frame of hardware, good hinges have anticorrosive performance and good transmission, can ensure the hinge force uniform, do not damage caused by door of self-respect.