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Wooden door knowledge - household door type

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  Door, it is the person that reside the home to people the first impression that visitors are always not into the house to see the door first.Door is not only a partition of the space, also shows that occupy the home owner's taste and pursuit.The kinds of wooden door According to the structure of wooden door, wooden door can be divided into real wood door, solid core doors and three kinds of plywood door.Real wood door is made of solid wood processing, wood, half bo, complete bo has three kinds of styles, from the point of view of wood processing technology has to pick up two kinds of wood and wood, refers to meet wood logs after sawing, refers to the wood, the performance is more stable than logs, but still not completely solve the problem of craze, deformation, etc.Real wood door gives a person the sense with sedate, elegant, has a high price.

  1, solid wood composite door Solid wood composite door door core more adhesive such as pine, fir, or entrance fill material, density board and solid mumupi is stuck outside, after high temperature hot pressing, and solid wood line sealing side.Generally advanced solid wood composite door, the door core is a high quality white pine, more surface for solid wood veneer.Due to the small tree density, light weight, and easier to control the moisture content, which is lighter, the weight of the finished product door also not easy to be out of shape, craze.In addition, solid wood composite door with insulation, impact resistance and flame retardant properties, and the sound insulation effect with real wood door basically the same.Due to the diversity of the modelling of solid wood composite door, design is rich, or delicate European carve patterns or designs on woodwork, or the spelling a flower of of all kinds of Chinese style classical, modern or fashion, different decoration style of the door to give the vast consumers choice space, therefore also calls the modelling of solid wood door.High-grade solid wood composite door not only has the characteristics of feel is smooth, colour and lustre downy, also very environmental protection, strong and durable.Compared with the pure real wood door of expensive cost, the price of solid wood composite door in 1200-2300 yuan or so commonly a door.Such as the more high-grade pear wood door, about 2300 yuan a fan;High-grade of walnut, cherry, Sally Billy, such as wooden door, is 1900 yuan a fan.In addition, material of facing of contemporary wood door to wood veneer and stickers are common.The wooden door because of the rich natural wood texture, and beautiful, strong resistance to impact, but the price is relatively high;Stickers of wooden door is also called "grain wood door", because the price is low, is a popular product, the disadvantage is that it is more easily damaged and fear of water.

  2, real wood door Real wood door is drawn from the natural log of the forest to make the door core, through dry processing, and then by cutting, shaving, tenon, eyelet, high-speed milling process such as science.Real wood door chooses is rare wood more, wait like cherry wood, walnut, teak, after processing the finished product door has no deformation, corrosion resistance, no crack and heat insulation, etc.At the same time, the real wood door for good sound-absorbing, and effectively play the role of the sound insulation.Real wood door natural wood grain texture and color, to advocate return to natural decorate a style of family, is undoubtedly the best choice.Real wood door there is a kind of tender feeling since time immemorial, luxuriant appearance, not only exquisitely carved, and diverse styles.Price of real wood door is because of the differences among wood materials, texture, etc.Market price from 1500 yuan to 3000 yuan, including high-grade real no of walnut, cherry, Sally Billy, rosewood, etc., and the doors of the finest teak for $3000-4000 yuan.General high-grade solid wood door do much better in the dehydration process in action, the relative moisture content 8% the left and right sides, after forming such wooden door is not easy to out of shape, craze, use time will be longer.

  3, moulded wood moulding for prices more affordable than real wood door, wooden door and safe and convenient, and get the favour of middle-income families.Moulded wood is made up of two pieces with the modelling and simulation of wood grain density fiber molded door skin by mechanical pressing.Because the door plank is hollow inside, natural sound insulation effect is relatively less compared with real wood door, and the wet water.Stuck with wood moulding wood and wood veneer board face brush "varnish", maintain the natural texture of wood adornment effect, also can undertake panel spelling a flower, already beautiful and lively economic and practical.Moulded door also has moisture-proof, small expansion coefficient, resistance to deformation characteristics, use after a period of time, won't appear the phenomenon such as surface cracks and oxidation discoloration.General composite moulding wood door on delivery with neutral white primer, consumers can go home after the paint on the neutral white primer according to individual be fond of, meet the personalized requirements of the consumers.Compared with handmade real wood door, molded door USES is mechanized production, so the cost is low.At present, more than the moulded wood door on the market in 380-500 yuan a fan.Regardless of what kind of adornment door have black walnut, sand Billy, red walnut, cherry wood, oak, northeast China ash, sleeve, such as a variety of species of products to choose from.