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The main characteristic of wood craft

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  1. Wood drying is the key to real wood door production process.Wood drying processes in real wood door key role in the making, mainly reflected in three aspects: first, the wood drying quality determines the material yield of wood.Especially for precious tree wood, is of great significance.Second, the wood drying quality determines the immanent quality of real wood products.Third, the wood drying quality is to determine whether real wood door determinants of buckling deformation.In real wood door of the first production to strictly control the wood drying process, both to prevent cracking deformation in wood drying, and to make its moisture content uniformity, and reach around using standard.Wood drying if do not have the advanced equipment and exquisite technology, it is hard to do.

  2. The excellent wood processing machinery is necessary.The traditional wood processing industry is the handicraft industry is given priority to, after the founding of new China, machinery manufacturing industry rapid development, for the production of wooden door to the development of mechanization and specialization of production.It is not hard to imagine that the batch production of wooden door, if do not have a high level of mechanization and the quality is absolutely not guaranteed.Dry, so to speak is to guarantee the quality of wooden door, and the excellent mechanical ensures that the external quality of wooden door.

  3. The reasonable choice of the cutting tool is of great significance to the production of real wood door, in the production of solid wood door, real wood tenon groove processing and modelling is mainly done by some of the forming tool, thus cutting tool reasonable choice to the machining accuracy and decorative effect of real wood has a direct decisive role.Cutting tool cutting performance, on the other hand, has a great influence on the surface quality of real wood door.Therefore, reasonable selection tool is very important in solid wood protege during.